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Only company to offer formatted and modular solutions.

The Dental SOS is the first and only company to offer formatted and modular solutions suitable for each client, according to its business targeting criteria, markets and products.
We have a professional team composed of dentists and assistants, trained and qualified to the emergency room. Since 100% of its need for restoration of health, at any time of day or night, every day wherever you are and feel any kind of pain.

A SOS Dental pensa cada cliente como um desafio novo, com novas necessidades e demandas. Por isso mesmo criamos produtos que atendem cada segmento especificamente dentro de suas reais características. Se o seu negócio é uma escola, podemos oferecer Aplicação completa de flúor; Palestras Instrutivas e Educacionais sobre a educação odontológica.

For managers of condominiums and benefits carefully developed products that guarantee peace, security and peace of mind to residents and their guests, to professional associations as domestic servants, contractors and employees in general, such as janitors, housekeepers, gardeners and cleaners.
SOS Dental has also been developed for companies of all sizes, with the determination to guarantee security and tranquility to employers and employees, whenever there is any kind of accident that requires emergency dental clinic. With our quick service system, there is not significant loss of sleep, the more hours or days worked.

This is a unique benefit that among other advantages, ensures frequency, attendance, punctuality, with significant reduction of faults and therefore greater job security. The SOS Dental services have been carefully developed to ensure the safety of their clients, offering home dental care 24 hours a day for any kind of accident or toothache, because falls, accidents or hazards do not choose time and place to happen.