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Become a franchisee

Meet the niche market that SOS provides DENTAL Franchise.

If you get in here, we initially congratulate you for the vision to realize EXTRAORDINARY niche market that SOS DENTAL franchise provides.
Our experience of 10 years working in this market allows us to expand the potential of FANTASTIC form of it, until then abandoned and unknown world of dentistry.

We noticed over the years that high achievers often are not successful in their professional lives because they lack the knowledge and other characteristics that determine the SUCCESS.
Know how to treat teeth is for a professional dental one of SUCCESS questions, but not all, and oddly enough sometimes is not even the main one.

A SUCCESS entrepreneur needs to be visionary, selfless, dynamic, able to manage, motivate, promotion, hire, charge, sell, acquire new customers, retain existing, these are just some of the many essential features to accomplish this SUCCESS.

Therefore, SOS DENTAL, is fundamental, because besides the international experience of 10 years in Brazil and in the world, provides a set of essential tools and individually inaccessible to most people.
Our concept of work is unlike anything you already know, a new way of seeing and making money with modern dentistry, with tools that will make your business a success.
SOS Dental is to become a reference in a untapped market. Therefore, our growth has already exceeded all expectations.

Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself, the SUCCESS does not choose people, people that determine your SUCCESS.


See details with this EXTRAORDINARY business, and how to get it:

- Full support to the franchisee.
- Low investment franchise.
- Assistance in the implementation.
- Network booming Brazil.
- Funding for the implementation of franchises.
- Assistance to development of specific projects.
- Strategic Marketing and active.
- Training programs and recycling.
- Much faster ROI.


Profile of the ideal franchisee:

* Minimum age of 21 years;
* Residence in the city in which concentrates its business, enjoying excellent personal and business concept;
Demonstrate financial capacity ara develop business;
* Organizational Discipline;
* Entrepreneurial spirit;
* Spirit Associative and participatory;
* Ability to work under the rules and well-defined rules;
* Initiative and openness to dialogue;
* Mature ethical values;
* Business View.


What Dental SOS offers franchisees:
* Field Consulting
* Guidance on the selection and recruitment team.
* Funding for implementation of franchises.
* Assistance in the implementation.
* Central service and logistics.
* Advice for development of specific projects.
* Strategic Marketing and active.
* Training programs and recycling.


Business numbers

Initial investment (from)

$ 54,700.00 royalties
15% of sales
Advertising Fund
½ current minimum wage *
Contracts Made by Franchiser
** 15% of
Return Forecast
From 18 months
* $ 272.50 according to the prevailing wage from 01/03/2011 by Law 12,382 of 25/02/2011 - DOU 28.02.2011.

** Plus the amount of $ 200.00 per call answered.

Note. Values based on a small franchise.