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About Us

Learn about our history, mission and vision.

The Dental SOS is a Brazilian company with imported conceptual technology and national development, SOS-Dental knows exactly what came. Strategically located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, now has franchised units in more than 10 states of the Federation. The company's main mission is to ensure the oral health of their customers by meeting emergency quickly, always with the utmost quality and inform while to resolve.

SOS Dental has all its methodology of care, Software and event monitoring, developed and implemented by the New England marketig Research Corporation - USA. Also responsible for actuarial calculations of the business. A solid structure and ready to meet your needs, with high technology, modernity and the concern for serving, above all, SOS Dental is bringing a culture only found in first world countries.

Our Differential

The "Home Care" dental is a new concept of service in the oral health field, where the client does not need to go to an office. The patient receives all necessary care with the difference being in the comforts of home or place of safety indicated by him and the care of experienced professionals with portable equipment and adequate care.
With the solution of the problem in minutes, SOS helps to increase the quality of life of its clients and family;

SOS Dental performs more than 20 emergency procedures, such as:

- Simple Exodontia (extraction);
- Direct and Indirect capping;
- Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy;
- Bleeding control;
- Sutures;
- Dressings, postoperative;
- Abscess drainage (Periapical, Periodontal, Intra-Oral and Extra Oral);
- Pain Sedation;
- Bleeding Control;
- Replacement of dentures;
- Tooth attachment caused by trauma due to accident;


The Equipment

The Dental SOS uses the portable dental office ODONTOCASE. The Odontocase is a technological revolution at the service of oral health programs. Dental unit has four tips compatible with all fundamental and indispensable equipment for the care of a patient.
Extremely practical and functional, it has developed the most modern technological requirements, to meet the most demanding quality standards and technical specifications, safety and oral hygiene.
Our product allows dental care with efficiency and productivity, and has two huge advantages: mobility (fully portable, packed in only two carrying bags) and the fact that it is the only portable office registered with ANVISA.
Externally Odontocase is coated fiberglass, supporting structure against impacts. It has facilities for transport with retractable wheels, and retractable handles and galvanized.
Weighs 25kg and has a compressor Italo / German developed especially for him.
• High power, allowing the service to a large number of patients followed, and long treatments.
• Resistant to transport, even in rough terrain.
• Air-cooled, unlike oil cooled compressors, does not contaminate the air that goes to the patient or adversely affect the equipment.
• Quiet, able to combine high power, resistance, air cooling and low noise vibration and does not impair the dentist or service.
The ODONTOCASE is a mobile office that allows the patient to be served regardless of their location.